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In the vibrant world of creativity, Gianella Sotomayor, a 25-year-old woman originally hailing from South America, now channels her creative energy in the eclectic city of Brighton. Over the past six years, this dynamic soul has made Brighton her home, using it as a canvas for her diverse creative pursuits.

With a cultural mix as vibrant as her favourite paint palette, she proudly infuses her roots into every pixel of her professional works, turning the ordinary into a kaleidoscope of artistic wonder.

Gianella's artistic journey began at a young age, influenced by her father, an amateur photographer and videographer. Blurring the line between in front of and behind the lens, she's like a camera-toting chameleon—comfortable in any creative habitat. Armed with a love for the written word, natural-born storyteller. Gianella discovered her life's purpose early on – to create, regardless of the medium or format. She loves soaking up stories like a sponge, and immortalising them through her quirky lens.

Resilient, curious, and always up for a laugh, Gianella's definition of success is making people feel all the feels. Hearts, color explosions, and a dash of controversy are her secret ingredients to creating art that resonates.

As a style shapeshifter, Gianella is in a perpetual dance with the ever-changing trends. She's not just riding the wave; she's catching it, surfing on top of it, and doing a little victory dance on the shore. Constantly seeking inspiration, she's open to new artistic horizons, ready to dive into freelance projects that'll make clients say, "I didn't know my brand needed a touch of magic until now!"

Currently juggling psychology textbooks and graphic design tutorials, Gianella is on a mission to add another feather to her creative cap. So, if you're ready to inject some humour, color, and a dash of cultural mixology into your next artistic project, G is your gal.


Brighton/London based

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